The drive down to Tucson

My teammate, Chris Daifuku, drove down from Seattle Tuesday night and we packed up my stuff in his van.

You can see all his stuff on the left. And all of my stuff (the altitude tent) on the right.

I let out a breath of air as I took this picture and you can see how cold it was that night, from the fog.

The next morning. Standing on our frozen pond in the backyard.

Chris chopping a hole in the pond for the birds.

Thomas. Not minding the 10 degree morning at all.

Thomas’ ice water in the garage.

Goodbye Oregon.

A little ways outside of Eugene after we stopped at Life Cycle on the way down for supplies.

That night we stayed at my friend, Kristen’s, house in Sacramento. It was in the high 30’s there and it felt warm compared to Portland. This is the next morning filling up at a gas station.

The weather getting better.

And warmer

The mountains before getting into southern CA.

The compression tights got lots of stares in all the Chipotles and rest areas we stopped at.

Chris stretching.

We each spent a small fortune at all the Chipotles we stopped at, trying to satisfy our 4,000 calories per day minimum.

Terrible traffic outside of LA.

If only there were more of these. And they were in working condition. And there were power lines connecting them to the city…

..then maybe we wouldn’t need so many of these. By the way, the red and white tank is in case we decide to attack a purely red and white city.

This sad tank has ED.

Coming into Phoenix.

Finally! We got to the house we’re renting at 11:00. Kelly, the woman we’ll be living with, let us in and our trip was done. This is the view from the front yard the next morning, at about 70 degrees. 60 degrees warmer than Oregon the day we left.

One thought on “The drive down to Tucson

  1. Good photography and excellent commentary, Kennett. You show the changing terrain, and I can feel the changing climate. How long will you stay in Arizona? When do you return to Oregon?
    Grandma Paula

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