Nomad Bike Life

Over the past 12 months of training and racing, I’ve lived and stayed at an amazing number of places. Although I wouldn’t call it world travel, I would call it couch/air mattress travel.

1 week or less
Tony’s apartment
Annie’s parent’s
My Aunt and Uncle’s
Debbie’s house
Debbie’s condo
Chris and Karey’s
Tony’s cabin
Derek and Kim’s

1-4 weeks
Hostel in Gent
CJ’s house
Will and Larry’s
Tony’s parent’s
Mike and Steve’s
Jeannett’s cabin

1-2 months
Israeli house in Belgium
Geoff and Anna’s house
David and Maire’s

2 months or longer
Tucson with Aaron, TJ, and Tony
My parent’s house in Sherwood

When I do get a place of my own, I’m going to have to have a huge guest room to pay back everyone who I’ve stayed with.