Important scientific question

If a pig carbo loaded right before it was slaughtered, would the meat be extra sweet from all the glycogen?  I would bet so.  And I want to taste that ham if it’s true.  That would be some good eatin there I tell you what.  I actually have one more question too.  If I drank a bunch of blood would that boost my hematocrit?  I’m guessing yes, of course it would.  Now for the grand finale:  If a pig carbo loaded right before he was slaughtered, and I drank his blood, would I get the double benefit of boosting my own glycogen levels AND boosting my red blood cells?  We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Important scientific question

  1. Dont forget the added benefits of both protein and fat! I think that you are on to something. The Kennettron blood drinking, carb loading pig farm might be the answer to all of your financial problems. That would make one sweet infomercial as well!

  2. We’ll see???? You mean you would actually try that??? Gross Kennett…gross…I wonder if I should have saved that goat for you. I think he was on a sugar high.

  3. yeah I heard. Prettttty bad news. Prettttty bad. Now that show’s going to get canceled

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