Oyyyy, me legs!

The title of the post pretty much says it. But I’ll indulge a bit. My legs. They be hurtin somethin fierce don’t ya know. I sat around all day Monday and didn’t ride. I went on a 30 minute ride Tuesday. So I expected by today, Wednesday, they’d be good as new!!! But not so is the case of the situation at hand of the matter in which I speak of at this time and place. They have one more day to recover then Kaboom! Four more races. I have a theory that they’ll either be super strong for Elkhorn or they’ll be super not strong. I’m not going to say the W word (pronounced the same as “week” but spelled differently) because that word is sacrilege on this blog. It simply doesn’t exist in the ‘Tron Universe, much like the english language’s lack of its own word for “Tomahawk” or the expression “Bon Appetite.”

My bike is working well though. I just got new cables and housing for the shifting, plus new chainrings for my cranks. So yeah. That’s pretty cool. And I washed my bar tape yesterday. Ok enough rambling, it’s time for more food.

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