A not so happy ending to a good day

I took Justin’s mountain bike to go ride with Dave last night up at Ridgline.  It was great.  But the result of riding his bike is not.

Yesterday started out pretty good.  I was staying at Geoff’s house over in Springfield and woke up from a great night of sleep.  I’m staying there for the next two weeks while he and Annah are in California.  And I might paint the exterior if the weather permits.  I made a big breakfast and rode over to the bike shop under a warm and sunny sky.  I was feeling good, happy.  Every day brings me one day closer to training! 

So I got to the shop at 10ish and the guys and I did a little clean up at the shop.  It was lookin real nice, very spic and span.  We were ready for some serious business, especially since I had 3 confirmed customers coming in to buy bikes.  We were definitly going to exceed our $2,000 quota for the day, ensuring our bonuses for the week.  (Gilad and Levi are at Interbike this week so Zack, Colin, Dave, and I have been left to run the  shop on our own.  And we each get a bonus if we average $2,000 for the day). 

But yesterday proved to be the slowest day ever.  Not one of those people came in and bought a bike.  But not to worry.  I stayed busyish anyways.  I rode down the stairs in the shop on Gilad’s DH bike (about 20 steps).  I have no mountain biking skills, so I wore a full face helmet and shin guards.  I did not crash.  The rest of the day Dave and I tuned our manual, bunny hop, and stair jumping skills outside in the parking lot.  I was able to ride up a flight of 5 stairs, and learned how drop off them too.  We ordered a couple pizzas for lunch and just hung out all day attempting to get customers to come in.

Which brings us to the point in the story where Dave and I went to ride Ridgeline.  I got permision to ride Justin’s Kona Kula Deluxe 29er single speed.  I tore it up the climbs and Dave tore it up on the descents.  It was a great ride and we got back after dark.

I stopped by Mike’s house to see what everyone was up to later that night, and was surprised to see Andrew, Karey, Chris, Mike, Mckenzie, Leeahnn, and Steve already getting ready to eat.  They had called me but I left my phone back at Geoff’s that morning.  So I rushed over to Springfield to throw on some clothes and drop the bike off at the house.  But I realized that I had forgotten the keys and my wallet at the shop, which was now locked and closed up for the night.  I jumped Geoff’s back fence and tried to get in a window, but it was locked.  So I reached through the cat door of the back door to unlock it from the inside.  But I forgot about the chain like up above–where I couldn’t reach with my arm.  So I squeezed through the cat door to my waist and got the door unlocked.  But I couldn’t get out of the cat door.  I struggled there for about five minutes before I finally managed to get out by taking my shirt off and exhaling as much as possible. 

I got back to Mike’s and ate dinner while we tried to figure out how to get my Wallet, which had my ID in it, from the shop.  We were going out to the bars, which is why I needed my ID.  Zack had the shop keys, so I tried to find out how to get in contact with him.  I ended up finding his parents in the phone book and calling them up for his cell number.  But his phone was on silent so it took forever for him to answer it.

We met up with Derek and hung out at the downtown bars  and met up with a bunch of people there, and almost got into a fight with a group of guys that worked at Paul’s Bicyle Way of Life.  (just kidding, we all hit it off great). 

So anyways, I walked home to Mike’s house and called it a night.  BUT…

Here’s the crappy part: I left Justin’s pimped-out Kona in the back of Andrew’s car earlier that night (very stupid).  And when Andrew got back to it to drive home, he found a hole in his window and an empty car.  The thief stole $1,000 in cash from Andrew’s car (left there from earlier in the day when he sold his stereos for his Power Tap money).  They also jacked his ipod, back pack, and oh yeah….Justin’s $3,000 bike.  So I’m going to sell my Kona Zing Supreme to pay Justin back (I already gave the Cervelo back to the shop).

If you want to buy a 60cm 2007 Zing Supreme, I’m selling it for $1,500.  It retailed new for $3,000. 

I found out about the theft this morning, which made me need to write about it to get it off my mind.  I went out riding around town for an hour searching for the thief and imagining what I would do to him if I found him.  I hope he/she dies a slow horrible death caused by all that meth he/she bought with the stolen stuff.