Sponsor search for 2009

The Life Cycle elite team is on its search for sponsors for the 2009 season.  We’ll be taking a young team of local Eugenians, as well as a couple guys from Israel, to compete in Europe and the States.  We will be competing in Belgium during the early spring, and NRC races throughout the rest of the year.  Funding-wise, it’s going to cost a bit.  So far I’ve put all my marbles into winning the lottery.  Gilad wanted me to start pan-handling, but that’s just stupid.  Any leads in our funding endeavors is appreciated.  If you happen to stumble upon a lost bag marked $$$, send it our way.

The team is also expanding its women, men, and masters cat 5,4,3, and 2 squads.  If you’re thinking of switching teams, why not join the team with the coolest looking jersey?  They’re even better than last year!  

It costs a lot to feed a Belgian work horse like this one.