Friday and Saturday

Yesterday, Will and I took off from Eugene for a 5 hour ride, armed with our pockets full of Snickers and bananas. The 5 hours ended up being 6, and would have been seven if it hadn’t been for a road closure due to snow.

We went down south to Cottage Grove, then east towards the mountains on Row River rd, which eventually turns into a one lane road that meanders through the Umpqua National forest. Giant pines laden with thick moss loomed above us, shading us from the overcast but bright sky. The road gets up to around 5,000 feet, which includes some great switch backs and fairly steep climbing. Unfortunately, after getting off our bikes about 10 times to hop over fallen trees lying across the road, we were unable to reach the top, due to snow. We headed down, following Brice Creek, which has some gnarly white water. We got back to civilization in Cottage grove a few hours later and hit up a dirt BMX track, then headed home.

Today I met Andrew, Mike, and Karey for a 70 mile ride. We went slower than Will and I went yesterday, but my legs were tired afterwards anyways.

I just replenished my maltodextrin supply at the local home brewery place. For those of you who don’t know, maltodextrin is the primary carbohydrate used in goos. It is derived from corn, and is a great source of calories for races. You can get it for around $5 a pound at brewery supply places, which is cheep compared to the price of goo. It mixes in clear with water and is almost tastelss. I mix in 400-500 calories a bottle and also put it in goo flasks. If anyone knows where to get it in bulk, let me know.

Tomorrow is the Table Rock RR.

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