Nectar Way #2

All I could think about today during class was the pain I would soon be putting my body through on Nectar Way. I actually started obsessing about the workout yesterday afternoon. That is how intense Nectar Way is, if you didn’t get an idea of what it was like from my last post about it.

It was wet today, which meant that our back tires were spinning out while going up the 21% grade (David Heritage corrected me, the hill is actually 2 or 3% steeper than I said before). Another thing that slowed me down a bit was the rubbing of my wheel against my frame. I have my new power tap wheel on and I think it needs to be trued or something. When I put a lot of force on the left pedal, I hear a squeak coming from the rear wheel, which I’m associating with the sound of a rubber tire against the carbon frame.

Will and I did the workout together this afternoon. 15 times up for him, 20 for me. Our instructions were slightly different this time. Instead of going all out from the first one, Gilad wanted us to “ease” our way into the first 3 hills and try to keep a consistent speed throughout the workout. It worked. I still went hard every time, but I didn’t blow up like I did last week (I blew up multiple times last week, mind you). There was no weaving across the road this time, just a straight line up. Hard every time. I got a headache and was wheezing like an asthmatic, but my average speed up the hill was much higher than last week.

Number 14 and 15 were my last “fast” climbs, other than number 20. These were Will’s last two times up, and I wanted to push it in case he thought he had the legs to beat me. He did not. After these two times up, my legs had reached a new level of tiredness, and I could feel the earth’s evil gravity sucking my down. On hill repeat number 19, I became obsessed with a name that I had just thought up for my legs: Sir Lead Legs Bottom Bracket. I kept thinking about that damn name the entire way up, repeating it in my head over and over. This workout kicks ass. Nothing I have done compares with it. Going up 3 times all out is an intense workout in itself. I don’t know of many people that are willing to do something like this 20 times a week every week (and not half ass either). I am sure this damn hill will bring my fitness up a few notches.

6 thoughts on “Nectar Way #2

  1. You’ll never know how perfect those ‘Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)’ were for me last night. After donating my life-savings to Suzi’s Knits 2008, I’ve been in such a good mood!

    Also, I remember Gilad saying one time that he couldn’t punish you by adding extra work-outs because you LIKE extra work-outs. Now that I read the way you feel about riding, I now know it wasn’t just a joke.

  2. So how come it looked like you were glass cranking up the hill when I saw you?

    Horse Radish Root Man thinks you should be working on snap NOT diesel…

    but hey what does a horse radish root know?

  3. Kennetron.
    have you tried East 43rd. to N Shasta? a bit longer than Nectar…

  4. Larry: I have no idea why there are possibly related posts on my blog now. They are confusing me and I want them gone. And yes, I DO love training.

    Horse radish root man. I stopped by Safeway the other day and was severely disappointed in the horse radish root section. Get on that will ya? And what do you mean by me looking like glass? Is that a good thing or a bad thing. Im assuming it is good since you are typically a positive reinforcer kind of guy.

    Davide: LONGER than Nectar!? I think Nectar is quite long enough, please don’t let my coach know about something as steep as Nectar and longer too.

  5. Dear Kennett,
    I just would like you to know that I have come to an all new realization of the strength you have in your horse legs. I was weaving about after 3 times on that hill…and fell over after 7….so power to you for climbing it so many times. (haha no pun intended)

  6. ‘glass cranking’
    imagine how you would peddle your bike if your cranks were made out of glass…

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