Ohhhhhh yeah….

First ride: 1.5 hours easy this morning. Feeling good, I averaged about 250 watts in the hilly country roads of sherwood. I got home just before it began to pour.

Second ride:

About four hours later at 3:30, I headed out on the hard ride. It had been raining hard for most of the day, but luckily it stopped about 30 minutes before I headed out. After 45 minutes of warm up, the pain began. The scheduled intervals were supposed to be 2X 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes in the 39×15 at 24mph. They are painful, but today they weren’t going to work out. The wind was too strong, so I decided to just do a lot of all-out intervals. About an hour later, I was done. And could feel it in my legs.

After the intervals, I headed over to the hills for some hill repeats. After those, I could really feel it in my legs. The workout wasn’t over then though. I had about 1.5 more hours of easyish hills. At around 7PM it began to snow, and The Final Countdown started playing on my ipod. It was time to hammer again. I got home at around 8 and ate a huge bowl of chili, rice, and steak. Total ride time today: 6+ hours.

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