Easy ride and flat tire day

This is the second day of spring break–and a rest day for me. So I went on an easy ride up in Sherwood. It was gray and cold out. I got a flat. I didn’t have my bike bag with me because my brother, Galen, took it off my saddle and put it on his during his ride earlier today. I called him up and he and his girlfriend drove out to me on the backside of Parret Mountain and dropped my bike bag off and fixed the flat tire. I didn’t mind too much because it wasn’t raining, and I couldn’t be mad because Galen spent all day Saturday helping out with the UO/OSU road race and time trial. I know this is pretty riveting stuff and I hate to leave you on such a cliff hanger. Don’t worry, more is on the way…

One thought on “Easy ride and flat tire day

  1. I typed in “kennettron.wordpress.com” and hit enter, figuring that’d be your blog. It is. Wow. Very nice.

    That’s a pretty riveting story there, too.

    It’s good you had a cell phone. I haven’t been putting my saddlebag on, I just carry my phone. “Mommy… I got a flat.” It hasn’t happened yet. What a wimp I am.

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