High Lonesome Duathlon

In continuation of my mountain duathlon FKTs, I decided to “create” a new route (though I’m sure it’s been done before). I rode from Boulder to the Hessie Trailhead (via Sunshine, Four Mile, and Magnolia), ran the High Lonesome loop, and descended via Boulder Canyon. Total mileage was just under 70 door to door, with 8,500 feet of elevation gain. I kept my pace fairly moderate (it took 6:40 round trip) as I wasn’t trying to set a record, though I was certainly tired by the time I got home.

When the Boulder Canyon construction project is done (hopefully by next spring), I’d like to give it another attempt going straight up Canyon, and hopefully get it on the Fastest Known Time website to convince others to give it a crack as well. Enjoy!

PS: I know, I need to get some sort of device to minimize the camera shaking.

4 thoughts on “High Lonesome Duathlon

  1. It was pleasing to the knees AND the ankles! And the smoke was soothing on the lungs as well.

  2. Great to see the area you live and train in …Must be amazing to wake up to that each morning …Love following your and Adelaid’s blog posts .

  3. It definitely is amazing to wake up to it each morning. This time of year, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

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