Eight Days On

This was the last big week. I thought I’d be more relieved than I am about backing off now that most of the work has been done, but I ended up not getting as tired as I thought I would, and I’ve really enjoyed the training and seeing some good gains in my running. I think that the easy week in Colorado Springs made things a lot easier, both mentally and physically, and I’ll incorporate a similar strategy for my next full distance race if things go well in two weeks from now.

Monday was a fairly typical recovery day with one hour easy on the bike, a 3 mile run, and a 4K masters.

Tuesday: The snow didn’t keep any of us on the treadmill today. At Kathy’s run group we did 1K’s followed by a set of progressing hills on a super steep incline, avoiding the slush that was quickly melting from the previous nights’ storm. I completed three sets of 1K and 3 hills for close to an hour of hard work, including recovery jogs. The snow, or wet roads I guess, did keep me from riding outside later that morning. I did 2 hours really easy on the trainer, which is not normal for me but has become routine in the last few months of uncalled for late spring blizzards. I’d blame it on not wanting to get sick, but part of it is just having zero desire to ride outside in sub 40-degree wet conditions.

Wednesday: 4.75 hours on the bike with Chris at easy endurance, followed by a solid 7 mile run off the bike at 6:07 pace on part of the Boulder run course. I would have gone even faster than that, as my breathing was controlled and my legs felt good, but I had a mini bonk at the half way point and had to down a gel and pause for a few minutes to let it soak in. I got back home quickly and chugged two sodas. My soda count for the entire week was probably a dozen or more.

Thursday: The weather sucked again today so I scrapped my planned long ride and did an easy 8 mile hilly run. Maybellene kept me company and we both came home muddy and hungry. Before that I did a hard 5K masters in the morning.

Friday: Our run group did a short taper workout with a few 400s and some 200s. Adelaide and I shortened things even more by cutting out the cool down so that I could get home to ride. I ended up doing 4.5 hours with a few 30 minute intervals. I wasn’t excited about any of it though, and barely managed to stay out there as long as I did. 6 hours was the original goal, but that would have meant I’d be riding until 5:30.

Saturday: Adelaide and I did a solid 5K masters workout in the early morning, then she went off to do a big hike with our friends, Abby and Tarak who were visiting from New Orleans, while I set out for my last long run of this training block. It was my first high altitude run (Magnolia) of the year and the conditions were perfect. I had a personal best on Mag with an average, controlled pace of 6:45, then did an easy spin a few hours later.

Sunday: 4.5 hours with Chris up to Estes Park, sitting on his wheel as he hammered up the base setting a Strava KOM. Both of us were feeling good at times, so the miles went by quickly. I followed the ride up with a very short, and cold, swim at Spruce, which just opened again and is one of the best summer pools.

Monday: I’m going to count this week as 8 days long since today wasn’t a rest day, but more of a continuation of the previous week. Our friends in town, Abby and Tarak, got Adelaide and I entries into Bolder Boulder a few months ago, so the four of us lined up early Monday morning with 50,000 others. I surprised myself with a time of 33:48—40th overall in the citizen’s race. During a short warm up my legs ached from the previous few days and I wondered if I’d end up having to just run tempo, but once the gun went off I felt fine. The race was a lot of fun and we had a fantastic day seeing a bunch of friends and spending time with Abby and Tarak out on the town until the early evening.

I’m ready for an easy day today, Tuesday, and then it’s back on for the next four days until the true taper begins. Since I’ve never done a full distance triathlon I have no idea if what I’ve done is enough, or if I’m leaving the taper too late. Maybe both of those worries are legitimate.


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