Week #2: Training is Getting Real Again

Monday: If I remember correctly, the weather was quite gloomy, so I did a super short and easy indoor ride, a masters workout, and a 3.5 mile run in the afternoon with Adelaide. It was a slow start to the week, mainly because I was in a bad mood.

Tuesday: The mood reversed! During our group run, we did 2×800, 4×400, and 6×200 on the track—a short and sweet workout but I got over 10 miles in so I was happy with it. At mid-day I did two hours on the bike with 2×20 minute threshold intervals and actually managed to hit threshold watts. I was very pleased, especially considering it was after a fairly hard run. 

Wednesday: I had an absolutely horrible morning as a witness to a horrific car vs bike crash that brought back some serious PTSD. I won’t get into it again since you can read about it yourself if you’d like to, but I managed to get on the bike with Adelaide’s encouragement and had a solid 4 hour ride. In fact, the first half of the ride felt great to get some rage out, then I began fading later on and had to stop for soda. Oh darn. I followed it up with a fast 30 minute run off the bike with one mile moderate, one mile hard, one mile real hard, and two miles moderate.

Thursday: I cut my planned long ride down to 3 hours, then did another 30 minute run off the bike with Maybellene, easier than Wednesday’s run. I shortened the ride mainly because I was tired and was pushing out pitiful watts, but also because I was stressed about being behind on work. And, I picked a horrible route that I used to enjoy (straight east on highway 52 past Hudson out towards Hoyt) but found that I absolutely hated it on this day.

Friday: Group run again, this time with a 20 minute hard effort on the Boulder creek path, the first 15 minutes of which were with rocks (holding small rocks in our hands) and the last 5 were without. Followed by 5×75 seconds hard. I added on some easy miles at the end to get to 13. In the afternoon I did a 4K endurance swim by myself and managed to keep from quitting out of boredom. Success. 

Saturday: The day started out with a 2 hour mountain ride on road bikes with Adelaide. We went up Wagon Wheel to Lindon, then up Sunshine to just shy of Rowena. Just dirt and climbing like the good old days. I switched bikes when I got home and did another 3.5 hours up Rattlesnake and had good watts all day long. My shifter battery died about an hour in, though, and I was stuck in the small front chainring. Then an hour and a half later it fully died and I was limited to just the 12 tooth in the back. However, 42×12 is a pretty decent gear so I managed just fine. Back at home, I got out the door with Adelaide on another 30 minute run, starting out moderate and ending up faster. 

Sunday: 18 mile BTC run, the majority of which was done with John, a faster runner than myself, and Maybellene, a much faster runner than myself, though it was warm out so the odds were evened between Maybellene and me. We did the middle 90 minutes of the run at 6:25 pace and I was very happy with how I felt. Maybellene was happy with the route, which included five or six quick dunks in various creeks and ponds. From home, Adelaide and I coasted our way down to the rec center for a 3K endurance swim, then got lucky with a tailwind that pushed us back home. 

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