Fuck This World

For all you other white people (men) out there that don’t know what it feels like to be segregated, hop on a bike. It’s the closest thing you can do to feel the discrimination and hatred that people of color live with their entire lives. It is just insane to me that I rarely go a day on my bike without having a serious close call or someone purposefully endangering me to make the point that I shouldn’t be on their road.

Almost every day I see articles such as the one below. Sometimes they involve my own acquaintances. Not only do these completely avoidable “accidents” make me hate humanity, they make me relish the thought that one day none of us will exist. That these disgusting excuses for people, along with me and everyone else, will be dead and gone. That all of the absolutely horrible, inhuman shit that we’ve done to each other and to the world won’t matter because no one will be around to remember it. I can’t even imagine the hatred and lack of hope that people in third world, war-torn countries must have. As for the person who committed the crime below and fled both the scene and the dying victim on the side of the road, I really hope they just walk into the wilderness and die. They have nothing worthwhile to offer this messed up world.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.47.12 PM

4 thoughts on “Fuck This World

  1. I realize I’m highly privileged, which makes it difficult to understand how less fortunate people even function. That was one of the points of what I just wrote about, careful reader.

  2. On a side note, I’m not sure what the link between being a Bernie fan and having white privilege is. As you know, out of all the candidates, his initiatives will help the least privileged people the most.

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