Pictures of camping and stuff

The last two weeks have been great. After North Star I got sick, took a week of rest, then went to Steamboat to camp, hike, and ride with Adelaide. My brother Galen and his girlfriend Joslynn moved to Boulder that weekend as well, and we’ll be moving into a new apartment with them in mid July. Meanwhile, they’re sleeping in the living room. I did a bunch of great training last week then we all went up to the Estes Park area for climbing, hiking, and more camping.


Adelaide and I before a hike in Steamboat.


Strawberry hot springs.


Bike to work day spoils.


Galen cooking dinner up in Highway 7 near Estes Park.


Adelaide and I getting to camp after riding up from Boulder, eager for that dinner.


Galen warming up on the first boulder the next day.


Jos climbing. Galen spotting.


Galen resting while attempting a V9.




Adelaide and I did an even longer hike than the previous week. I got tired and grumpy after twisting my ankle and had to be fed apples and nuts like a 5-year-old.


Dinner that night was the best in a long time. Beans, rice, avocado, lettuce, salsa, peppers, mango, cilantro, and chips.


Jos making easy work of a 5.10.


Adelaide being proud.


Adelaide belaying with Joslynn shouting directions to me (climbing).



Last but not least, I just got a job at Amante!

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