Scratch that last post. Help me find a guest ride spot for Redlands.

By complete fault of my own, I misunderstood my race schedule, which was sent a few weeks ago. I chalk it up to Excel not being opened full screen on my laptop, as well as the fact that sometimes when you want to see something really badly, you see it even if it isn’t there. While I thought Tour of Normandy would be my first European race, I’ll have to wait another three weeks, which isn’t too harsh I guess. I’ll be racing Loir et Cher, a 5-day UCI 2.2 in the middle of France. I’ve done some research on the race’s website (circa 1999) and it looks like it’s hillier than Normandy with long stages, most of which are about 200K with no TT. Normandy would have been awesome, but Loir et Cher, albeit much harder to pronounce, will be a fine substitute.

Because I won’t be heading west across the Pacific to get to Europe for a while (I heard it’s quicker that direction since the earth spins counterclockwise), my race schedule for the next month looks a little more familiar: San Dimas then Redlands! And by “Redlands!” I mean I hope I can find a team to guest ride with. If any of you know a team that’s searching for someone really strong, tell them to take me instead. JK, JK, LOLZ. No but seriously, I need help finding a team. I talked to USAC and they assured me that, as a continental rider, I can indeed guest ride for an amateur team, and I also have permission from my team to do so of course.

Descending down into town after that final lap of the circuit race and its hellish climb felt so good last year and I’d love to improve on 17th GC to something in the single digits.


Photo credit: Evan Hyde

PS well whadya’ know? That’s my new Firefighters teammate Chris Stastny right there beside me!