Pictures of my bike ride today

I thought I’d bring a camera along for my ride today and take a bunch of blurry pictures of the road.  Here they are:

Here’s the Flat Irons.  It was really hot today.  Mid 90’s down low so I headed for the mountains where it was like 20 degrees cooler.  I drank one and a half bottles 11 minutes into my ride and had to stop at a Starbucks and fill em up in the bathroom.  11 minutes into the ride!!

First pitch up Flagstaff out of Boulder.

Still steep at the top.

Heading deep into the mountains now on the backside.

A lake.

Onto the gravel road now for a long time.  This is one of the places I keep an especially sharp eye out for mountain lions.  All I want is to get one punch in before it sinks its teeth into my scull.  Just one punch is all.

Finally out of the gravel, where I flatted.  Now I’m heading into the town of Coal Creek.  I spent a good amount of time lost up in the hills above the town looking for the road I’d planned on taking.

Chocolate wasn’t the best choice of flavors on a hot day like today.  Now I need new bar tape.


I stopped for a liter of ginger ale to wash down all the chocolate.

Rush hour traffic in Coral Creek.

Aspens er where up in her.

The most shade all day long heading out of Coal up to Golden Gate Canyon state park.

High altitude horses with hematocrits of 70 and v02s of 220.

Next gravel section.  I had no clue where I was.

Off the gravel and onto Peak to Peak highway.

I went downhill on Boulder Canyon when I got to Nederland, then up Magnolia.  I took pictures going up but they’re all pretty blurry.  Here’s one anyways:

It starts out REALLY steep and stays REALLY steep until the top, about infinity miles later.

At the top.  5 liters of fluid consumed by now, one and a half being stolen tap water from a gas station where the guy wanted me to pay 25 cents per water bottle.  For tap water!  I told him to…have a nice day.

Back on Boulder Canyon heading for home.  This is a tunnel.

A nice cold bowl of frozen yogurt and berries waiting for me at home after another 13K feet of climbing.

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