Photos of recent stuff

Robot leaf picker-uper on our walk to the train station.

A day of being a tourist in Brugge! AKA, hey Geoff let’s go eat a lot of junk food.

Winger, the Belgians made a shirt for you

Candy being made

A tower

Another tower

Waffle stand

These horse carriages stormed through the city crushing people’s toes who didn’t get out of the way fast enough


More chocolate

The market square. Learned via Wikipedia the night before: Brugge was discovered by the Vikings, who’s lust for chocolate and waffles lead them to create a city devoted to producing only two things: chocolate and chocolate-covered waffles. Sometime later the French got angry at Brugge for outclassing their chocolate production and sent an army to destroy the city. The army didn’t make it far though, losing interest and growing depressed from the gray, drizzly weather shortly after entering Belgium.

After nearly an hour of starving to death and growing severely weak, we finally bought food. Friets groot. (large).

French fry museum. I snuck in. People actually paid for this! There were two stupid little exhibits and a bathroom and that was it!

A kermess in Brugge would have been brutal. Every single road was cobbled.

Secret garden

Not sure what this means, but I’m assuming you’re supposed to take a leak on the wall in 50 meters.

Back into the town square where there’s food. Basically once you got outside the restaurant/chocolate/and waffle places the tourists disappeared. Like us, they were here strictly for the treats.

Same went for the horses

Finally! Down to business! 250 grams of chocolates all for Kennett. That’s over half a pound for all you non-metric readers. I ate it all in an hour and a half after REALLY trying to save it to bring home for my family.

Next up were pitas

Hiding out at the back of the train because we “tried” but couldn’t find where to buy tickets. haha. yeah…

New day–Saturday. Something smells, but for once it’s not me. It’s the giant heap of onions in my back pockets.

Thanks farmer John for being out vegetable sponsor for the day!

New day–Sunday. Obligatory pluming work photo.

Just hanging out.

Post-race waffle.

I don’t know why it made these last photos so small. Click to enlarge.

Rollin’ in the dough here in Zingem (got the Z backwards, whoops). 10 euros for 21st place out of another large field of 120. I missed the massive 19-man move that went right after the first of 13 laps. Today was the first day I haven’t attacked in the opening two laps of the race and today was the first time the break actually went then…typical. Apparently to get in the winning move you need to know who’s who, only moves with specific riders will stay away. If someone named Mario or Guy is in your move, you’re golden (both being living legends here in Belgium having won more than 400 races each). Tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Photos of recent stuff

  1. Kennett, you know you can win a race, just ride with your “teammates” Guy Smet, MarioWilliams , Dries Depoorter Jocaim Deweer etc. If you mirror those riders you will always place top 15 let them do the work of tactics use lots of caffiene and ATP. Stop killing yourself and start riding like a Belgian for the Euros and a good contract.

  2. Thanks DavidA, I’ll take the advice. Yesterday’s race was won by a guy I didn’t see at the head of the race once. This always upsets me but it’s true for most races.

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