Madera Stage Race Crit Photos

I found these here:

The cameraman must have liked me for some reason and I spent a bit of time off the front, so there’s quite a few pictures of me from the crit on Saturday.  I seem to have my tongue hanging out for the majority of them.  It’s a good look I think.

I got things going early on in the race.  This one didn’t stick.

This didn’t stick either.

Or this.

But this did.

“Kennett eat too many beans at Burrito King the night before.  Kennett so, so sorry Specialized rider.”

Lang and these other guys got up to me late in the race and we all stuck it to the end, with peleton’s the ravenous jowls just barely missing us on the final drag to the finish.

No sprint photos for some reason, Lang and I took 3rd and 4th, with Dan safely defending his GC spot in the pack.

Thanks for the pictures bikealps!

4 thoughts on “Madera Stage Race Crit Photos

  1. 3 things:

    Clean your bike

    Why do you have mismatching shifters

    Sticking your tongue out is definitely a Peterson/ Michael Jordan, We should play basketball. Or he should have raced…

  2. You are a beautiful stallion! You will definitely make it to the horse track in your next life. It is there that you will have somebody to groom you, feed you, braid your tail…Until then we will deal with the dirty bike and stolen hotel food!
    Congrats on the great results! More to come I hope!

  3. Thanks Eli! I’m looking forward to eating some burritos with you when I get back to Oregon…and hay.

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