‘Not gonna happen today’ ride

With all these huge rides I’ve been writing about lately, you might get the impression that these are the only kinds of rides I do.  And that would be an inaccurate impression, so I’ll let you in on a more recent ride I did which should bring light to the other side of the story.

This Tuesday I was scheduled to do another hard day of intervals, this time on my time trial bike, so I took a car ride down the mountain with Spencer into Mentone (at our usual parking spot next to the orange/avocado stand and Circle K).  I was in no mood to go stock up on oranges today, and I had no need since my 25lb bag is still heavy.  Turns out I only eat about 12 pounds of oranges a week.  I’d be inclined to eat more if they didn’t have a peal.  If oranges were like apples and didn’t require any prepping before eating, I’d probably eat twice or thrice as much.  But back on topic:

I was in no mood to ride either.  This is a rare occurrence, especially when I’ve had all of the previous night to look forward to a hard day.  On rest days, sure, a lot of the time I don’t feel like kitting up just to go spin for an hour.  Those are my least favourite kinds of rides since they’re slow, boring, and I’m tired.  And that’s exactly what this ride turned into.  I said adios to Spencer, who went on his own ride, and I went the other direction, off to find a good hill to do some repeats on.  We planned on meeting back at his car in four hours.

I made it almost five minute before I stopped, unclipped and sat on my top tube letting out prolonged sighs and groans.  I really, really didn’t want to ride today.  I wasn’t just tired, I was unmotivated and tired, which is the worst combination.  I ate two bananas, got back on the bike and turned towards the car, which was almost still in view.  Problem was, I was locked out and I had four hours to kill.  I decided I’d do a lap of the Redlands Sunset loop and TT course on my time trial bike with a few short hard efforts up the steep sections to see how the shifting was holing up on my bike, and then, as a reward, I’d ride down to Costco for a frozen yogurt and pizza.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I rode the race courses and made my way over to Costco, where I sat in the sun at a table outside and ate a frozen yogurt and slice of pizza, which was only $2 and was the size of three pieces of normal-sized pizza.  I finished it, thought about getting more pizza, but held off when an obese man in an electric wheel chair passed by carrying a pizza box or two on his stomach.  So instead, I went inside and got some apples and a bag of whey protein, which was the main reason I went to Costco.  You can’t find cheaper whey protein than at Costco.  And if you can, you should tell me about it.  ($32 for 6lbs).

I mounted the apples and whey on my TT bars and wandered around downtown San Bernardino until I found a park with some thick grass.  I walked my bike to the center of the park, which was deserted except for an idling ambulance in the parking lot, and laid down for an hour’s nap in the sun.  When I got up, the ambulance was still there, engine on, just wasting gas while the driver took a nap, like me.

And that was basically my ride.  I had to ride back to Spencer’s car, which took 45 minutes, with the apples and whey protein balanced on my TT bars.  The apples falling out at of the ripped trash bag I had bundled everything up in.  Of course everything had to spill out at the busiest intersection, apples rolling everywhere with me stumbling over my bike and almost falling over trying to pick them up.  That right there was the hardest part of the ride.  No intervals, no huge mountains, no hammering along in the dark after seven hours of riding.  Just fumbling around in an intersection with about 100 cars waiting for me to pick up my now bruised and dented apples and get out of the way.  Some days you just don’t have it.  This was one of those days.

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