Herb Round #2

I started writing this a week ago so it’s a little out of date.  Here it is:

You remember Herb, right? The guy who attempted to put a hex on our team for Utah when we decided to stay at someone else’s house instead of his? https://kennettron.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/breaking-up/

Well, we decided to get a little revenge on him last night when we were driving from Burlington Vermont down to Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I remember being told it was a 2 hour drive, tops. But it turned out I heard incorrectly and it was a 7 hour drive, minimum. So we needed some entertainment. This killed two birds with one stone.

Here is that original evil hexing transcript from our last texting episode way back at the end of July:

Herb: Hi what happened?
Me: We found another place.
Herb: Lame. You suck. Bad luck will be yours.
Herb (about an hour later without me replying): You wasted your trip. You don’t have a chance in the race.

Yesterday evening, while we were heading down to Pennsylvania, I texted Herb saying we were in Idaho–similar to the time when he called me on our drive to Park City, asking where we were and why we were late.  I had told him then that we were still in Idaho.  We were actually in Park City at our alternate house.  When I texted yesterday I thought he would still have my phone number saved and pick up on our joke, but he didn’t…which led to something much much better.  Here is the transcript from yesterday’s drive. The entire conversation lasted about 4 hours.

Us: Hey herb we’re on our way. I think we’re in idaho but we’ll be there soon!
Herb: To see the Jeep?  (You can imagine our excitement when this opportunity presented itself).
Herb: Where are you?
Us: Just passed tremonton. (a southern Idaho city).
Herb: Call me.
Us: Phone speaker is dead.
Herb: Going south to see the jeep?
Us: yeah.
Herb: Ok I thought you were coming from salt lake.
Us: Yeah had some family business up in idaho.  (If he asked us what the family business was, we had a planned response of “I had to perform a vasectomy on my grandfather’s horse.”  Unfortunately he never asked and the opportunity for the story never came up).
Herb: You sure you are going south? I am near park city.
Us: yeah im just heading back from up north. Want to meet in kimball jct? Easy for me to get there.
Herb: I am 2 blocks off freeway. What time will you be here.
Us: 7 pm. Id like to meet at redstone somewhere. (Redstone is a Mall in Kimball Junction–about 15 minutes from Park City).
Herb: Let me know when you are close. I will be at the school coaching till 7 or so.

2 hours pass.

Us: We are about 45 minutes away. We should meet by the bobsled. my boys wanna play on it.

The bobsled at Redstone Mall.

Herb: Keep in touch. at soccer practice now.

40 minutes pass.

Us: I’ll be there in 10. The boys are blue with excitement.
Herb: At red stone? I’ll be there in twenty.

15 minutes pass.

Us: We are here.
Herb: At red stone?
Us: At cafe rio now. My boys are digging into a big messy burrito. (Cafe Rio is the mexican place we ate at a few times.)
Herb: Be there soon.

15 minutes pass.

Herb: Out front me cafe now.
Herb: Out front of cafe rio.
Herb: Please come to right out front of cafe rio.

15 minutes pass.

Us: Ok we must have missed you. We are at kneaders now getting my boys some buns. Come in and say hi.  (Kneader’s is a bakery right next to Cafe Rio).
Herb: In kneaders now.

5 minutes pass.

Herb: Going home. Let me know if you want to come see it.
Us: See what?

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