Collateral Damage Fairness Lottery

I think the current number of casualties in the Iraq/Afghanistan Genocide is around 2 million.  Who knows?  Who really cares?  Just about all of those are civilians.  If we really want to end collateral damage in war, I have a great proposition.  For every innocent bystander that’s killed overseas in any military conflict, one civilian should be killed in the killer’s country.  So if an American soldier happens to accidentally kill four Iraqi children, four American children should be killed.  Everyone in the country would be subject to the Collateral Damage Fairness Lottery.  The only criteria for the Fairness Executions would be age and sex.  If a 39 year-old Afghanistan male is killed, a 39 year-old American male would be chosen from random to be executed here in the states.  If 133 little girls and 82 little boys are killed in a bombing in Iraq, 133 little girls and 82 little boys would be taken out of school here in the States and executed within the day.  The only problem with this world-wide law would be enforcing it.  So to do that, we should create something like a Union of Nations to oversee all wars and make sure both sides are fighting fair and imposing the Collateral Damage Fairness Lottery.  Yeah, that should work.