It’s raining and I only have one more day of training this week. Today. If I ride the planned 6 hours I’ll have a nice 27 hour week and over 500 miles. If I don’t ride because of the rain, the entire week will have been for nothing. The hours and miles will plummet to those of a mere weekend warrior. Any fitness gains will vanish into thin air. My legs will wither up and turn into dry, brittle twigs on a dying bush that’s being fed to a weed eater. My lungs will collapse into black holes and my heart will supernova. I once knew what a supernova was, but have since forgotten everything I’ve ever learned that occurred more than 4 days ago. On the other hand, if I do ride and get sick from riding in the rain, it could be much worse than taking an extra day off. Now, all you Northwest riders are probably shaking with furry that I would possibly not ride because it’s simply raining. But it’s pouring, and it’s cold out too. Ok, never mind. I just looked out the window and it’s letting up. Time to go ride. So much for writing a new post today. I was going somewhere with this. I’m not sure where, but I didn’t plan on just writing a few sentences and ending it like this.

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