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As you can see, the warrior board was quite an ordeal to create. A lot of arguing went into its design, but we did manage to score the perfect poster board. Its purpose is to determine the most warrior-like cyclist, a competition between Chris and I while we train in Arizona this winter. Right now I’m in the lead with a week and a half of training counted (this week hasn’t been updated yet since there are still three more days to go).

Here’s how the Warrior Board works:

Kilometer Competition:
10 points are awarded to the warrior with the most kilometers ridden for the week.
100 will be awarded to the warrior for the GC competition after 12.5 weeks are up.
You cannot adjust your riding schedule to win Warrior Points, ie. ride a flat day to get more kilometers when you should be doing a hill day, or riding longer when you should be resting.
Recovery weeks will not be included in the Warrior Competition (every fourth week).

Warrior Rest Competition:
-2 points will be awarded to each warrior who doesn’t have his lights out by 10:31PM
+1 point will be awarded to a warrior for waking the other warrior up if he sleeps 15 minutes past the designated wake up time of 8:30. (So 8:45).

There are two other areas of competition, which haven’t been filled out yet. These will included other feats not related to cycling. So far we’ve thought of shooting my friend, TJ’s, gun out in the desert, and having a cook-off. We have room for about 10 other competitions if you have any ideas.

Here’s the cook-off competition. We need judges to determine who made the best breakfast this morning. Me:

3 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, a lot of mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, toast, and hot sauce.

Or Chris:

3 eggs, 1 and a half Bob’s Red Mill 7-grain pancakes (I had the other half), 3 pieces of bacon, butter, maples syrup.

We need you to judge. We’ll have a total of five dishes over the next week that I’ll post here for you to judge. The overall winner of this competition gets 7 points.

And here’s something ridiculous. The quantity of food we seem to be hoarding here at the house. Just in case there’s another Y2K or something. This is what 5,000-6,000 calories a day every day looks like.

Pineapples were a buck a piece at the store.

Keep in mind that we do live with the guy who owns the house, so some of the food isn’t ours, like 5%.

Beet soup. Looks the same going in as coming out.

5 thoughts on “Warrior Board

  1. chris get the point, and here’s why:
    His presentation of the food in this post modern world is representative societies opinions of the moral code we try to live by. Ya, he’s got a pretty plain meal, but it’s just messy enough to say: Fuck the Man; I don’t care that I’m eating an inferior breakfast compared to my house-mate, due to his flamboyant use of mushrooms and Rouge bell-peppers. Chris is being a real original by ignoring the urge to be different and make disgusting looking (yet tasty!)food. Whereas you, kennett, are as original as your macbook and ipod. O ya, and those jean shorts. Way to copy me. asshole.

  2. Kennett breakfast:
    – 2 points for being lazy and having toast
    – 2 points for hot sauce
    – 2 points for being a fatty and eating 1/2 of the pancake before the photo was taken
    + 2 points for veggies
    Total: – 4

    Chris breakfast:
    + 2 for pancakes because they are yummy and take a lot more work than toast
    – 2 for no color
    Total: 0

  3. I don’t know if I agree with the -2 points for hot sauce Alexann, but I guess Chris wins this one since both of you voted for his meal. And Galen, obviously you’re so boringly mainstream that you put in all that thought about who was being more original and you were still wrong, for in fact it was I who truly didn’t care about the societal norm. I was being original by ignoring the norm, which in this day and age is actually the strange and modern. PLUS, I should get an extra point for eating some of Chris’ pancake because I was showing an interest in someone else’s cooking!! At least that’s what I’m going to say…

  4. Kennett, its tim cotreau. i vote for your buddy because your toast isn’t dark enough, it looks like its just bread. if you want to win this thing, you need to get serious about your toast. also, add me — i am trying to anchor my online life a little bit, so i’m going to be using wordpress a bit more.

  5. Let the record show that I DID toast the toast twice. Our toaster is just very weak. And twice is all the time I want to wait for my toast to toast.

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