Dave’s bloody poison oak pimple?

We’re not sure what it is or what caused it, but Dave has a giant growth/pimple/rash on his leg.  He assumes it’s poison oak because he has poison oak on his upper calf, but there’s one dot of it (or something) lower near his ankle.  It’s been getting bigger and bigger over the past couple weeks, and it was time to do some investigation.  Which meant probing and dissecting.  Maire, pronounced “Mora” for some strange reason, went at it with fingers then a needle.


After giving it a few minutes worth of squeezing it.  


The next logical step was a safety pin from my race numbers.  


It’s bigger and worse than it looks.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Dave’s face while Maire skewered it, but I didn’t want to show him crying and embarrass the little guy.

Dave began complaining of light-headedness after a good 10 minutes of Maire jabbing it with the needle, so they called it good and put some Neosporin on it.  My prediction for the success of the treatment?  Twice as bad tomorrow.

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