Getting better

Coughing less, clearer snot, less junk in my chest.  It’s time to start riding again!!!  Really easy for the first couple days though.

I’m signed up for three stage races in June.  Mt. Hood, Nature Valley, and Elkhorn.  It’s time to get serious.  Now if only my immune system follows.

3 thoughts on “Getting better

  1. Kennett, have you ever gone to see an allergist? One of the guys on our team spent like his first 7-8 years in Oregon ‘sick’ quite often. He finally went to a specialist and found out he was basically allergic to all the crap we have in the air in late winter/spring time. Now he has some meds, and has been much better the last couple of years.

    Might be worth looking into, vs. being ‘sick’ each spring. Wasn’t it last year you wore that damn mask on a ride?

    Regardless, hope you feel better, that is a crazy schedule for June!! Good Luck!!!

  2. I thought I had allergies too, after last spring. So I went to get tested this fall and the results were all negative. I wasn’t allergic to anything, although the allergist said that even people who aren’t allergic to pollen can still be affected by it here in the Willamette valley because it’s so thick in the spring. Plus I got sick while up in Seattle when it was raining, so this time I’m pretty sure it wasn’t allergies. I’m changing my diet to include a lot more fruits and vegetables and I’ll see if that helps me from getting sick so often.

  3. Or you could go all veggies and fruit, like me! It keeps me slightly anemic, and i don’t have much energy most of the time, but at least you don’t have trouble falling asleep!

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