A little taste of the past

I was looking through my training journal last night and I was shocked to see what I was doing back in October 2006. Here’s an example. Very crazy and stupid:


3 hrs intervals:
6X5 (6 sets of 5 sprints like before) straightaways plus about 60m extra (past the small tree and to the second lamp post on the other side (about 400 meters).  The last 15 were in the oposite direction (into the wind when I realized that I had been going with the wind before.  Great weather, getting darker, but still warm out.
Almost forgot to mention that I broke a spoke completley out of my rear wheel on the ride over to the crit course.  I pulled it out after it broke.  My wheel is so bent now that it rubs against the frame of the bike and violently shakes and wobbles as I ride.  It almost didn’t feel safe today.

1 hr weights afterwards
got up to 630lbs and felt good even though I lifted at night after the intervals (7 x45lbs on each side)
went easy on the groin bc it is sore.


1.5 hours running stairs:
1 hr contiunis stairs, 15′ run there 15′ back.  My knees were very sore on the way back, and I had to stop for about a block, but a good song came on and I had to start running again.


3 hours intervals:
2×15 laps, 2×12 laps. Pretty exhausing, I was about to bonk right before I got home.

1 hr weights afterwards

bicram yoga
mountain biking


3 hrs intervals:
5×5 200m sprints. Then 12 laps of fartlicks 2 lamps on 1 lamp off. Pretty tough workout.

1 hr weights afterwards

5 hours 15 min. Ride from eugene to sherwood. Strong headwind up to corvallis, where I stopped at fresh harvest to eat and fix my jersey (about 30′). Average speed was abut 21 mph since it is 110 miles.


Total Week: 20 hours

And even worse (if it’s possible) here’s what I was doing a few months later in December in Arizona:

(And this is after a week of 27 hrs, a week of 28 hrs, and a week of 32 hrs).


6 hour ride.
Road to mt. lemmon, took a roundabout way while Aaron ran some errands. Then we went up to 5 miles. We were both feeling slow and tired before the hill, but after climbing for about 2 miles, I was feeling better. So he turned around at 5 miles and I went up to the top. Tons of people up there today.


1.5 hr ride.


4 hr group ride out broadway to colosal cave area, pretty hard, then up the hill to the right/west. I was fine going up the hill, but going down I let a gap form and got dropped. Tim (from the first wedensday ride) also dropped out (on purpose) and he and I finished the ride off together, making a big loop and riding up through south Tucson. Hard ride, my legs were tired.

in the afternoon: 2 more hours.


6 hours.
Took Park south, like the way the shootout ends and the way that I cam back yesterday. Took a left/east out towards the same area yesterday, but ended up taking a big extra loop around the patagonia area and old coronata hwy. Then I got back on track and ended up near colosal cave, which I did that little loop twice then headed back home on old spanish and broadway. I was tired today, nuf said.


3 hours.
Unlike yesterday, which was sunnay and in the 70’s, today was windy, cold, and the last 15′ or so were in the rain. I went all the way until broadway dead-ended to the east, then crossed over to speedway until it dead ended. Then out to the base of mt. lemmon. then headed back. Where I gave a half ass atempt to catch a rider with a support car behind him. Never caught up, but I did gain ground. Then when I got to tanque verde, the car and rider were gone. I continued home, and a few minutes later a rider from discovery passed me, then took a right turn shortly after, followed by the support c ar. I couldn’t beleive my eyes.


3 hours Shootout group ride:
It was hard again, especialy right after the bridge, where I had to bridge a couple gaps due to people dropping out. It was big again, maybe bigger than last time. I went to the front right near the end but didn’t really make an attempt to break, altough I started the hill first with 2 other guys, who I passed, and I thought I was going to finish first (after the breakaway of about 6 guys including phill, another navigator guy, and the healthnet guy) but i got passed right near the top by 4 guys and finished 5th. The pace slackened again for a little while, then we started some very fast pace line stuff. For a while, there was only a few of us pulling the entire group, which had split up a little by then.

In the afternoon 3 more hours:
Went over to A mountain and did 5.5 intervals (not too hard paced) the last 1.5 were with Aeron when he met up with me there. Then we went and did the actual TBC route, which is different than I thought it was. We stopped off to ride up a super steep crappy road which I named steep ass mother fucker. Then we did the rest of the ride, pretty good pace, I was tired.


4.5 hours.
Did the shootout loop with Aaron, went hard at parts, but we were both tired. Head wind on the way back. I took a short loop up broadway when we got back to add on some time. (almost 4.5 hrs) I am sore, tired, and very tired. It was a succesful training month, I don’t want to leave, but I am looking forward to some recovery time. Done.

Total week: 33 hours.

At the time it seemed completely reasonable.  But in hindsight…WOW.  What the hell was I thinking?  Being able to recognize a mistake while it’s occurring is harder than it seems.

One thought on “A little taste of the past

  1. I suppose we could have done a better job of just telling you that you were overtraining, but we thought you’d get the message when no one else wanted to go with you to do intervals in September. :)

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