King’s valley

I just ate me a big ol’ bowl of bran cereal. 76% of my daily fiber needs. It tasted like old meat and ground-up vitamins and metal. It’s a giant bag too so I have a lot more to eat.

The race today went decently. I’m finally starting to feel good again. Being able to attack and go up the hills hard and such. We started out pretty quick with attacks going strong. Two got off the front within the first half lap and I helped with the chase. We were whittling it down and then had to stop because of a big tractor. I’m watching an OPB British detective show right now and they keep saying “govna” and I can’t concentrate on what I’m writing. Anyways, there was a big slow tractor that was in front of the break away duo and they became neutralized, as did we, for a couple miles. Eventually we started up again, caught the break, and went up the finishing 1 kilometer climb. There were three more laps after that and I attacked a good amount and was in a couple moves that I thought would stick, but none involved the right mix of teams and no break of the day made it. By the way, the British show just ended and the credits are rolling to country music. An interesting choice. Now I’m super not paying attention to this. Uhhhh. It’s taken me like 30 minutes to write this so far.

Race. The race ended with a pack sprint up the 1K climb. I was way too far back at the base of the climb. Terrible racing on my part. I weaved up through the peloton and made up a lot of ground, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I finished 8th a few seconds back from winner Josh Bartlett from Landrover, who’s two teammates Evan and Logan did a great job attacking and chasing down breaks all day to keep him fresh. Good teamwork. We should have done that. I should have been up farther before the climb. I should have eaten less bran just now. It’s always about 15 minutes after the race when I start thinking about all the things I should have done.

Oh, and that cone on the corner was a terrible idea. I know it was supposed to keep us from staying on the left side of the yellow lines for too long. But it should not have been there. Every time I passed it, I knew it was going to cause some trouble by the end of the race. On the last lap, the entire field took that corner very wide and wasn’t able to get back on the right hand side of the road before the cone showed up. Someone ran over it, it flew into Zach Winter who also ran over it, then I ran over it. Amazingly, no one went down.

Ok that’s enough for now. It’s taken me forever to write this.

One thought on “King’s valley

  1. i was the one that knocked over the cone. sorry! i didn’t see it until the last second, and didn’t want to swerve too hard into the field and cause chaos. thanks for not crashing. nice finish, it was tough to move up at the end.

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