Cherry Blossom

I’m heading out to the Cherry Blossom stage race this afternoon with Chris and Karey.  We’re doing the Hood River crit tonight to open up our legs for the four stages of racing starting on Friday.  The weather looks pretty good in the Dalles this week, low to upper 50’s with little to no rain.  Much better than most of this week here in the valley.  The registration looks like there’s a little over 80 riders starting the race, with the big teams being Hagens Berman, Lenovo, Hammer, Land Rover, Gentle Lovers, and a half team from Bissell.  We also have a good squad with five riders: Chris, Kenji, Joe, Brian, and myself.  My legs have recovered well from last week, my back is continuing to improve, my shoes are just about dry, and I even tried fixing the shifting on my bike.  We’ll see how good of a job I did tonight.

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