One of my songs on itunes is way way way out of order. It goes ACDC, ACDC, ACDC, ACDC, Aerosmith, ACDC, ACDC, ACDC….How did that Aerosmith song get there? I tried changing the name of the band and re-writing the name of the song, but nothing seems to work. It just don’t make no sense. It’s out of order. It doesn’t belong. Like the flightless penguin lined up with a sparrow, swan, duck, great blue heron, and sea gull. That damn sparrow can’t swim!

The days are getting shorter and the heat of the day is growing fainter. I don’t like it. I like the summer. This sun is great, but I can feel the biting chill of the air closing in on me like a mummy sleeping bag with a stuck zipper when you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re too hot and just HAVE to get out as quickly as possible or else you’ll suffocate. I want out. Soon. Arizona is looming in my mind. The sun, the heat, and the long training hours. Training has obsessed me once again. I can’t get enough. Over the past three weeks I’ve been weight lifting three times a week, riding 10-15 hours a week, and doing the plyo/core workouts three times a week. All this adds up to way too much this early in the season. Last week I did 24 hours of training. I should be sitting at around 15 hours total. Which would be less than 10 hours of riding a week! Because of my over-zealous antics, I’m being shunned from exercise in the coming weeks. My time on the bike is going to get cut back, as well as the plyos. I just have to tell myself to be patient; those 24+ hour weeks will come in three or four weeks. I hope?

Speaking of a couple weeks, I’m coming up on two weeks without being employed. I’m no longer working at Life Cycle, although I do spend a fair amount of time wasting space over there—the main reason being so that I have an excuse to talk to the girl who works at the clothing store next door.

I’ve dropped off applications at three Starbucks, as well as Dutch Bros., Market of Choice, Qdoba, and Café Yumm!! So far my favorite application was Café Yumm!!’s. They were the only establishment that took into consideration my favorite foods and what three words best described my personality. Beans, rice, and salsa served for both answers, which just so happens to be the only thing that Café Yumm!! serves. The only other job that I was possibly born for even more than Café Yum!! happens to be the job that I have an interview for on Monday: Qdoba. I’m not sure if this is the correct spelling. Maybe it’s Qudoba. Anyways, Qdoba is a burrito bar rip-off of Chipotle, only difference is that they’re lacking the pro cycling team. That’s where I come in. If Qdoba hires me, they’ll be sponsoring a cyclist by supporting him with free burritos. They don’t actually give their employees free food. Just half off. But let’s be cerial here. I’m making delicious, mouth-watering burritos for 8 hours in a row. I’m hungry from riding a whopping 7 and a half hours a week. All that fresh salsa and savory free range beef is wafting up in my nostrils for hours on end. There’s no way I’m not greedily sneaking one or eleven burritos a day down my gullet as the security camera passes to the far side of the restaurant. These may not be Muchas Gracias quality burritos. Qdoba is a “health” food type Mexican restaurant. Meaning they don’t taste as good as the grease-saturated carnitas burritos of Muchas Gracias. But still. I’m not one to complain about a burrito. Or even food for that matter.

What else is up with the Eugene bum life? I guess I’m going to have to find a real place to live pretty soon. Geoff is getting back on Monday and his house, which I’ve been house-sitting in, is being rented away at the start of November. There’s a couple large overpasses I’ve got my eye on. If that doesn’t work out, I may end up renting a room for a month from one of my friends who’s out of town. Now I fee like I’m rambling and writing boring material. So I’m briefly going to write the first thing that comes to my mind. Pterodactyls are very cool dinosaurs. Word Spell just corrected that word for me. I spelled it like this at first: teridactal. Why is there a P in there? I don’t know. No one knows. It doesn’t make much sense to me. I could sure go for some more bacon right about now funk so brother. I’ve had bacon the past four mornings in a row, plus tonight at the cycling dinner. Bacon has become my favorite food just recently. I used to prefer sausage to bacon as my premier breakfast meat, but bacon has taken reign for some reason this month. Ok, that’s enough random thoughts for now. I need to get to sleep soon for the ride tomorrow, which is the first team ride of the year for the Life Cycle elite team, which includes myself, Chris Swan, Quinn Keogh, and Zach Winter. It will be an interesting year riding and racing together. Quinn’s taking off to Europe for the winter and spring, while I’ll be training in Arizona and Chris and Zach remain here to brave out the cold rain. It should be a strong squad. With any luck we’ll beat up on the local races and pull off a few wins in the NRC stuff. I have high hopes. If you aim high from a distance, you’ll be right on target because of gravity. Yeah, I’m deep like that at times.

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  1. Kennett, you should know this, but there is a ‘p’ in pterodactyle because of the greek/ maybe latn root ‘pter’ which means ‘wing’ . Did you not ever take a linguistics class????????

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