Ode To Burritos

The steamy smell of meat, beans, rice, and salsa
My nose warns my taste buds and they begin screaming
Saliva forms and my eyes cross
The burrito is approached
All are different
Some come camouflaged with a bland brown tortilla
Some with melted cheese and chile verde melting like a volcano
Hold able
Warm and soft or
Crispy exterior with salsa going everywhere
Too hot
Shit I burned my mouth
I don’t care, I continue
Torture to the roof of my mouth
Skin burning, pealing away, bubbling off in heaps down my throat
I take another bite because I have a burrito in my hands and I’m hungry
The pain subsides as the burning turns to more burning
Peppers, acid
I put on more and more
They burn the sore burnt spot on my mouth
I continue because I have a burrito in my hands and I am hungry
The pain subsides
I devour the magical morsel of the gods
Sour cream, chicken, steak, black beans, refried beans, silantro I don’t care
Just feed me burritos until I can’t walk up the stair
Muchas Gracis carnitas burrito
Ixtapa chili verde I wish I could pay
I dream of thee all day
Give $3.70 and I’d be happy
Just as a fish given to a seal named Slappy
I eat one now as I type
Even though its age is quite ripe
Any ingredients will do for this king of the foods
Bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, quinoa, or honey
Just as long as it’s wrapped in a tortilla and goes straight to my tummy.

2 thoughts on “Ode To Burritos

  1. Well I wish you would stop running dogs over on our rides. But hey, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon either.

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