The hoase!

A true belgian workhorse. 

The path to becoming a clydesdale is a long one.  Here I am at step 4: the mule.  #1 horse shit #2 miniature horse #3 donkey #4 mule/ass #5 mixed breed horse #6 spotted horse #7 zebra #8 stallion #9 thouroughbred #10 Clydesdale

Bag o sugar.  I removed most of it.

Break away last week.  No I don’t ride like that all the time.  He just got around me.


Tony and i after a race.

Eliad throwing up or something.

3 thoughts on “The hoase!

  1. the baby horse has its own movie that Tony filmed, although it’s a bit blurry. Today in the plaza I saw the carriage-pulling horses eating grain out of thier feed bags. About 20 pigeons clustered around one of the horses, eating the grain that the horse was spilling everywhere. Apparantly the horse did not like the pigeons, because he whinnied and stomped his foot on the ground and scared all the pigeons away. I was quite ammused.

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