Still waiting

I’m still waiting to get over this cold.  Just a couple more days to go I think.  Tony and I haven’t been doing anything at all since my last post.  He started to get sick, plus Gal wanted him to take an easy week, so neither of us has been riding very much.  The days here pretty much consist of waking up, eating breakfast, ping-pong, Prison Break, ping-pong, lunch, ping-pong, Prison Break, maybe an easy 1 hour ride, dinner, Prison Break.  It sucks.  I am sick of it.  I would pay 500 euros to be healthy right now.  Luckily I’m over here long enough so that being sick for a week won’t ruin the trip.  I have another week here with the team, and then a month by myself in Gent, where I plan on racing three times a week until my legs drop off and get run over by a massive Clydesdale pulling an overly fat mayor in a carriage.  The Clydesdales here are enormous.  They probably outweigh a regular horse by about 3 or 46 times.  And their heads are huge too.  But they don’t have tails.  I think their tales get cut off so they don’t hang in the poop bags.  The only thing bigger than the Clydesdales are their poop bags.

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