Crazy Dream Last Night

Last night I had a terrifying dream:

The scene was New York City and it was sometime past midnight in a bad part of town. I was a CIA agent, in charge of protecting a witness (an attractive female) who had seen some serious crime. There were two other CIA agents on my team: Gilad (my coach) and some other guy. Our mission was to escort the witness from a dark alleyway to some building downtown. We had a brief meeting in the ally about what would happen if our mission were compromised. We were all carrying guns, and were willing to die for this high profile witness.

I was to walk right beside her, while Gilad followed about 100 meters behind in case he saw someone following us. The third agent was positioned up on top of a building with a powerfully scoped rifle. We all wore black trench coats, including our witness.

I began walking with the witness, past dumpsters, bums, and stray cats along a broken-down sidewalk. There were no street lights, no lights in the windows, and the sky was pitch black. Broken windows from the tall, black buildings stared down on myself and the frightened witness.

Suddenly, I was watching myself–taking on the point of view of the third person. I also was aware that Gilad had sabotaged the mission and was a double agent, working with the people trying to execute our witness. I knew that he had killed the sniper up on the building tops, and was in quick pursuit to run us down and murder both of us.

I told the witness to speed up, and we began walking as fast as possible. I didn’t want to break into a run, because that would tip Gilad off that I knew about his treachery.

But it wasn’t long before my nerves got the better of me and I grabbed the witness by her hand and began running and pulling her along at a full sprint. Gilad and about five others dressed in black came from behind and from side alleyways. They began firing machine guns at us and I freaked out. I ditched the witness, leaving her behind for the band of murderers. I ran away as fast as possible, hearing her scream as she was brutally gunned down. I zig-zagged in and out of deserted alleyways to try to lose Gilad and his fellow criminals (although I’m not saying that the CIA isn’t made up of criminals by any means).

I ran all night until it was morning and I was in a suburb. Gilad had given up his search for me, his job was to kill the witness, which he accomplished earlier that night. But the rest of his men were still chasing me. They turned out to be the Toyota United team, and they were amazingly fast on foot. Everyone of them was a quicker runner than I was, and they knew it.

I was eventually caught, and was terrified of what might happen next. The five or six of them tied me up with evil smiles on their faces. They told me I was dinner. I was going to be salted (like salted pork) and then they were going to eat me alive. They began stoking a large fire in the middle of the street of the sunny suburban setting, preparing to roast my flesh as they cut it from my live body. I knew I was doomed.

But they became distracted somehow and I escaped when they weren’t looking. I ran and ran as hard as I could, with them following close behind. I jumped over ten or fifteen backyard fences as I cut through the neighborhood, running off of adrenaline. My legs burned. They got closer and closer. I couldn’t run fast enough. Instead of just tackling me and putting an end to the chase, they wanted to wear me out completely. So they would get close, then back off, snickering and taunting me the entire time.

A couple of times, I found hiding places and watched them from behind bushes as they searched for me. But then I would feel a tap on my shoulder, frantically turn around, and see a Toyota United rider standing right behind me. I would bolt off in shear terror. This kept on happening for what seemed like hours.

Finally, I found a good hiding spot: the top of a roof. It was just in time too, because I couldn’t run another foot. My legs were trashed and my breathing was out of control. I sat on top of the roof, peering down on them, hoping they wouldn’t look up or hear my incredibly loud breathing. They became frustrated and started arguing amongst themselves as they searched for their lost dinner. I thought I was saved. And then they became silent. I peered down again, looking back to where they had been standing in the empty street, and didn’t see them. I worried that they knew where I was, and got ready to jump off the roof. I jumped 20 feet down to the ground when I heard them climbing up behind me.

This was my last ditch effort to save my limbs from becoming salted and consumed by the Toyota United team. I ran as hard as I could, jumping over an impossible number of backyard fences. They were gaining on me again, and eventually circled around me, ready to make their final attack. Then I woke up in a cold sweat.

One thought on “Crazy Dream Last Night

  1. Um….are you scared of Toyota United? They are actually some pretty cool guys…I know they wouldn’t eat you alive…well, maybe they would…hmmmm And I’ve always thought Gilad was a spy. Go figure.

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