I am supported by some great companies. My two main partners are A2 Bikes and Vision/FSA Components. Both have gone above and beyond to support me, and I encourage anyone who is rooting for me to give them a try. Click on the logos to check out some of their sick deals, brah.

The goal of A-Squared Bikes, a Portland, Oregon-based company, is to bring a high-end bike to every triathlete. They do this by providing a top-end bike without the excessive cost that many companies have embraced, which cuts a lot of people out of the sport or forces them to ride hand-me downs. I’m riding A2’s Speak Phreak this season, which makes use of an integrated front end, hidden rear brake calipers, and finely crafted carbon to cut through the wind without sacrificing stiffness, cornering ability, or superb handling in crosswinds or descents. I’ve ridden dozens of more expensive bikes throughout my years as a professional cyclist and triathlete, and the Speak Phreak is right up there with the very best, and at less than half the price. If you’re looking for a new bike, check them out today. You’ll even have enough left over to afford airfare and race entry fees for the next three seasons.

As many of you are already well aware, Vision and FSA have been creating some of the world’s best components and wheels available for quite a while. I’m lucky enough to be riding their Trimax Carbon SI R-bend aero bars, Metron 81 tubulars, and the Metron disc.

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